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featured farms

We want to highlight the farms whose oysters we served at The Hatchery food truck in 2023!  We hope that you'll have a chance to order some from the farm directly for your next gathering or holiday celebration.  Please know that there are plenty of other excellent farms that are not mentioned in this list below. We sourced farms using 2 criteria in our inaugural year: the first was choosing companies that were our customers (farms that purchase seed or larvae from Oyster Seed Holdings). The second was proximity to our location

We look forward to continue advocating for the oyster industry and connecting our community to the culture and sustainability of farm-raised shellfish! 


Next year we would like to partner with additional farms and look forward to highlighting each individual company and what makes them unique to the Virginia aquaculture landscape. 

If you are a farmer who receives OSH seed - either directly from us, or from a nursery that purchases larvae or seed from us - and you want to be featured at THC next year, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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